We Empower Plant Growth Worldwide.

Vertical farming and horticulture systems that give growers the power to provide the highest quality crops efficiently and profitably

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Innovators in vertical farming and horticulture

Artechno Growsystems is an engineering company engaged in the development and realisation of modern hydroponic cultivation systems. Among the products we manufacture are robotics, irrigation systems, sowing solutions, harvesting lines and turn key solutions for vertical farming and greenhouse hydroponics.

It is our Mission to empower our customers in cultivation from start to finish, so they are able to integrate the entire cultivation process within their investment and be profitable.

Our team has strong roots in Dutch Horticulture, many having diverse backgrounds from fields in engineering, to agronomy, IT and sales. What binds us together is a passion for making growing easier, more effective and profitable. By leveraging our experience we are able to seamlessly join these fields together and quickly find, develop and manufacture innovative solution, the end result: a design that perfectly fits with the customers wishes, needs and circumstances.

How we add value

Plant Focused Approach

Our systems are built around what plants need most to grow fast and profitably, guided by knowledge

I­­­nnovative Technologies

Our ingenious and smart designs dare to be different, we excel in technologies that perform

Long-term Relationships

Our customers are partners for life, we guide them to the right solution and service with a helping hand

How we empower crop growth worldwide


A revolution in growing technology, vertical farming is the most effective and efficient growing method available.

Explore our solutions for vertical farming
production & research

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Greenhouse hydroponics

Growing high production volumes in a greenhouse, made easy and profitable.

Explore our solutions for greenhouse hydroponics
production & automation

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Water purification

Safe and pure water is an important ingrediënt in strong healthy growth of crops.

Explore how we protect crops from bacteria, virusses and pathogens, in greenhouses and vertical farms

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Keeping labor low with sensible automation is essential for profitable growing operations.

Explore how we lower labor and make processes more effective in greenhouses and vertical farms

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Horticulture is in our dna

With our headquarters in the centre of Dutch horticulture "het Westland", our team has been living and breathing horticulture their entire life. In the last 38 years Artechno Growsystems has been expanding into diverse fields of expertise, supported by our staff and connected by a passion for horticulture. Among our staff we have specialists in mechanical-, electrical-, technical-, robotics-, software- and IT-engineering, agronomy, product development, manufacturing and management.

How it all began

Artechno Growsystems was founded out of a passion & drive to revolutionize horticulture. Along the way - with our "think different" approach - we have successfully grown from a small company in water technical roles to a full service manufacturer of systems for water purification, hydroponic growing, vertical farming, processing and automation.


Horticulture partners

We work together with leaders in the horticulture industry.