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We design optimal solutions according to our customers specific circumstances.



We engineer all our solutions with the end result in mind.



We realise projects through an ultimate collaboration between the project manager and operational staff.

ARTECHNO Growsystems

Artechno Growsystems is an engineering company engaged in the development and realisation of modern hydroponic cultivation systems. Among the products we manufacture are robotics, irrigation systems, sowing solutions, harvesting lines and turn key solutions for vertical farming. Our team has a combined experience of 100+ years in different fields in the horticulture sector and by leveraging this experience, we are able to seamlessly join the different fields together. The end result: a design that perfectly fits with the customers wishes, needs and circumstances.

It is our Mission to empower our customers in cultivation from start to finish, so they are able to integrate the entire cultivation process within their investment and be profitable. By empowering our customer and enabling them to bring fresh healthy food to consumers, we hope to solve a part of the “feed the world” problem that the world will face in the near future.

Artechno Growsystems has broad experience in project management, ranging from small to very large projects. Our experience enables us to realize projects within specified frameworks. Our biggest strengths within project management are flexibility and the ability to realise large projects within a small period of time.