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Artechno offers customization in Hydroponics!

Deep float hydroponics is the cultivation of different types of crops on large water ponds, using a variety of floating devices. The water inside these ponds acts as the growing medium and contains all essential substances that crops need for good quality, healthy growth.

In the last 10 years Artechno has specialized in designing and producing deep float systems in which a broad range of crops can be grown. During those 10 years we’ve had success on an international scale, building many systems for customers across the world. The deep float system we present here is a culmination of all our experience and knowledge in horticulture. It’s a complete solution from growing to harvesting and is - including the logistics and processing line - one of the most efficient and high-quality forms of growing on water.

Because labour is such an important factor in horticulture, we offer multiple levels of automation for customers that want to save on labour costs. We are always happy to work together with customers to find the optimal solution. Below you will find more information about the different components in the deep float system.

Deep Float Hydroponics - benefits

Complete solution

One system for growing and processing crops

Controlled from one interface

No more hassle in combining different horticulture operating systems

Saves on labour

Seamless integration and different levels of automation lowers the need for labour, lowering operational expenses

Hydroponics vijvers


The leading role in the Deep Float System is reserved for the pond. The pond is the ideal cultivation medium in which all the factors essential for optimal growth of crops (nutrients, oxygen, EC, pH, water level) come together. In combination with different sensors and the water management unit, these factors are all controlled from one software application. The choice of construction materials makes the ponds quick and easy to assemble onsite, resulting in an affordable solution compared to, for example, concrete alternatives. Because not every greenhouse has been built with the same dimensions, we offer full adaptability in size to match conditions present at your location.

Benefits of the ponds

  • Best value for money - Affordable alternative to concrete ponds
  • Minimal maintenance - Saves on expenses and guarantees continuous growing
  • Full control - All essential factors for growth are present
  • Flexible - Every type of hydroponic float is suitable

Pushbar system

The pushbar system is tasked with all logistic movements of floats that are inside the pond. The pushbar ensures that the pond is filled and that floats with matured crops are moved to the end point, so they can be picked up and continue their journey to the processing room. The system can be simply controlled by buttons located at the front and back side of the pond.

Pushbar benefits

  • Efficient - One pushbar controls all logistics in one pond
  • Low labour costs - The system requires minimal effort to control, which saves on time and labour
  • Simple controls - Can be operated by anyone

Hydroponics Water management unit

Water management unit

The water management unit is an all-in-one solution specialized in controlling, creating and maintaining optimal water conditions inside deep water culture systems. It is tasked with mixing & dosing nutrients, regulating water distribution and maintaining water quality. Equipped with intelligent software and sensors for EC, pH, oxygen, water level and water temperature, the system has everything it needs to create the desired water conditions needed for maximum production.

Water management unit benefits

  • All water management in one - One system for controlling, conditioning and regulating water
  • Flexible - Precisely create the conditions for optimal growth
  • Seamless integration - Operates as a stand-alone unit or integrated with other horticulture computers
  • Complete control - Independently controls water in multiple ponds

Hydroponics Aqualux


Aqualux is a water disinfection unit designed with the specific mission to make water recirculation in horticulture as safe and efficient as possible. By combining UV light, filtration and hydrogen peroxide (optional) the unit can guarantee an up to 100.000-fold reduction of pathogens in water. With intelligent flow technology and a self-cleaning function, Aqualux can operate fully autonomously and requires little maintenance.

Capacities range from 6 m3/h up to 60 m3/h.

Download the Aqualux brochure here.

Aqualux benefits

  • Plug & play - Directly integrated, immediately start the disinfection process
  • Disinfection guarantee - Guarantees the right water disinfection
  • Low cost - Self-cleaning and relatively little maintenance, lowers usage cost
  • High efficiency - Aqualux operates autonomously and can be controlled remotely, enabling you to focus on important matters
  • High capacity - Units available ranging from 6 m3/h up to 60 m3/h for small and large projects

Hydroponics transportkanaal

Transport channel system

The transport channel system transports full or empty floats to different locations such as the processing line. When a float is placed in the transport channel it automatically floats to the next location in the process without any human intervention. The use of water as a transport medium ensures that crops remain hydrated and healthy, encapsulating the desired high quality before harvesting.

Transport channel system benefits

  • Saves on labour - No personnel needed for transportation of floats
  • Maintenance free - Needs minimal maintenance in its service life
  • Ideal transport conditions - Crops and roots stay healthy and of high quality due to the use of water for transport

Hydroponics verwerkingslijn

Processing line

The processing line is a complete system for harvesting crops grown with a deep float system and cleaning, washing and transporting floats. Developed for a multitude of crops and floats, we design and build our systems to function automatically and as efficient as possible. The processing line takes into account both the human and the financial side of cultivation with a focus on a high-quality cut product and synergy between the different machines.

For more information please visit the processing line page

Processing line benefits

  • All-in one - One system for harvesting and all accompanying processes
  • Optimal synergy - All systems seamlessly work together for optimal efficiency
  • Lower costs - Automation guarantees a faster processing time and requires almost no labour, reducing costs
  • Consistent output - Results are always the same
  • Managed by one software solution - No more struggling with different software applications

Hydroponics SUVO


SUVO is a complete crop care system for improving and protecting the health of crops growing inside a greenhouse. SUVO does this by irrigating and spraying biological pesticides on top of growing crops but also by using UV light to fight off different types of threats. Once installed a SUVO unit can operate autonomously which significantly lowers labour expenses and guarantees consistent results over and over.

Every SUVO can be equipped with vision technology and the ability to analyse and report on the health of crops, we call this “Plant health insight”. With this insight you’ll know the current status of plants growing in the greenhouse.

For more information, please visit the SUVO page

SUVO Benefits

  • All essentials in one package - Complete system for improving, protecting and analysing crop health
  • Fully autonomous - Lowers labour expenses
  • Simple and easy controls - Anyone can learn to operate SUVO
  • Operated remotely with smartphone app - Control SUVO anywhere, anytime
  • Plant Health Insight - Know the current status of crops inside the greenhouse