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Artechno offers customization in Processing systems!

The processing line is a complete system for harvesting hydroponically grown crops, and cleaning, washing and transporting floats. Made for a multitude of crops and floats, we design and build our systems to function automatically and as efficient as possible.

In our vision, for a system to be truly efficient it needs to have an optimal balance between human work and automation. We enjoy working together with our customers to find that balance and provide solutions that take both the human and financial side into account. Quality of the harvested crop and synergy between machines take a leading role in our work.

In addition to a customized system, we can also supply individual machines that are optimized to work with the specific conditions present at your location.


All-in one

1 System for harvesting and all accompanying processes

Optimal synergy

All systems seamlessly fit together for optimal efficiency

Lower costs

Automation guarantees a faster processing time and little labour, lowering expenses

Consistent output

Results are always the same

Managed by 1 software solution

No more struggling with different software applications

Verwerkingssyteem Harvester


The harvester separates crops from the floats by automatically cutting them off at the right height and transporting the freshly cut crops to their end destination. The floats continue their journey in the process, so they can be cleaned and re-used.

Harvester benefits:

  • No labour costs - Fully automatic process
  • Consistent quality - The harvester always cuts the way you want it to
  • Reliable output - A fixed output makes it easy to precisely plan harvesting

Verwerkingssyteem Root Cutter

Root cutter

The root cutter cuts roots hanging under the floats at any desired length making it possible to choose whether the crops are packaged with or without roots. The leftover waste is automatically transported to the waste disposal location

Root cutter benefits:

  • No labour costs - Fully automatic process
  • Increased efficiency - Cutting the roots guarantees better cleaning
  • Uniform result - You’re guaranteed the same results, everytime

Verwerkingssyteem Cleaner


After harvesting there are still residual plant and substrate remains left on the floats. In order to properly clean these floats, they must first be stripped of all coarse dirt, before they are washed. The cleaner thoroughly cleans by scraping, shaking and spraying, afterwards the waste is automatically disposed of. There are several versions available to accommodate different types of floats.

Cleaner benefits:

  • Low labour costs - Fully automatic and easy to clean
  • Flexible - The cleaner can be configured for any type of float

Verwerkingssyteem Verpakkingsstation

Packing station

At the packing station additional handling such as cutting, sorting and packaging can be done by personnel. We’ve consciously looked at how people and machines can work together as optimally as possible to ensure costs remain low with respect to the human side of work. All residual waste that is removed before packaging is automatically disposed of.

Packing station benefits:

  • High efficiency - The optimal combination between humans and machines
  • Flexible - Multiple possibilities for setting up the station, adjusted to local circumstances

Verwerkingssyteem Washer


After the coarse dirt has been removed the floats are washed in the washer, so they are ready for a new growth cycle. The washer is available with different equipment levels, from washing with high pressure jets to full disinfection.

Washer benefits:

  • Optimal cleaning - Consistently delivers the cleaning necessary for your circumstances
  • Low labour costs - Fully automatic and easy to clean
  • Flexible - The washer can be configured to accommodate any type of float

Verwerkingssyteem Tray handling

Tray handler

The tray handler stacks and unstacks floats and moves them into a buffer, by automating this process labour expenses are lowered. The stacked floats can be transported to a storage space or directly re-used in the growth process.

Tray handler benefits:

  • No labour costs - Fully automatic process

Verwerkingssyteem Pallet handler

Pallet handler

The pallet handler places stacked floats on pallets, so they can be stored for a longer period of time.

Pallet handler benefits:

  • No labour costs - Fully automatic process

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