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Artechno offers customization in spray robots!

SUVO is a complete crop care system for improving and protecting the health of crops growing inside a greenhouse. SUVO does this by irrigating and spraying biological pesticides on top of growing crops but also by using UV light to fight of different types of threats. Once installed a SUVO unit is able to operate autonomously which significantly lowers labour expenses and guarantees consistent results over and over.

In the development of SUVO we’ve put ourselves into the shoes of users so we could create a control system that is easy to use and can be operated remotely with a smartphone app, by anyone.

In large greenhouses it can often be a challenge to know the current health of all crops. But to truly improve crop health we believe it’s important to know the current status and happiness of the growing crops. Luckily every SUVO can be equipped with vision technology and the capacity to analyse and report on current health status and happiness of all crops inside the greenhouse. We call this “Plant health insight”. This enables growers to immediately act when something isn’t going according to plan.

Depending on the circumstances on location there are two equipment levels available: The SUVO Single Track and the SUVO Flex.

SUVO Benefits

All essentials in one package

Complete system for improving, protecting and analysing crop health.

Fully autonomous

Lowers labour expenses.

Controls are simple and easy

Any one can learn to operate SUVO.

Operated remotely with smartphone app

Control SUVO anywhere, anytime.

Plant Health Insight

Know the current status of crops inside the greenhouse.

SUVO Single Track

SUVO Single Track

De SUVO Single Track moves along a fixed track suspended from the ceiling of the greenhouse. Water supply is connected to the hydrofoor system.

SUVO Free Roam


Just like the Single Track, the SUVO Flex moves along the ceiling of the greenhouse. The Flec is able to move from left to right in addition to front to back.