We develop
Full Service Automated
Vertical Farms at Scale

Artechno believes in a new approach in Vertical Farming for a better world. We go for high yield in high volume nutritious and delicious greens in a sustainable way.

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Our story: years of experience come together in a new concept

After working for 38 years in agriculture and greenhouse technology we found a new way to grow greens. We learned what works and what greens and farmers need. With this new concept we can help feeding the world efficiently, we can reduce food waste, grow sustainable and we can improve the quality of our food. Our approach is based on 3 elements; smart modular hardware, data driven plant growth and services that perform and unburden our customers. Our Dutch roots, innovative background and no-nonsense mentality will make it work.

How does this work?

We integrate 3 elements for achieving results and new innovations

We believe that hardware, data & analysis and services need to work together. The combination makes the magic.

Smart Modular Hardware


Fully automated

Seeding -> harvesting

Controlled climate


Data Driven Growth

Data Driven Growth

Cloud based

Yield Monitor

Crop Happiness Monitor

Yield tool

Services to Perform

Services to  Perform

Factory design

Local training

Ops. running services

Resource service

The benefits of this 3 elements system are:

Growing efficiency

Predictable produce

Low maintenance

Year round production

Scalable by modular design

Lower labour costs

Multiple crops

Controllable climate

High level of freshness

Micro growth measurement

Tested seeds & recipes

Multiple grow methods

No pesticides

Minimal land usage

90% less water usage

Local for local

Longer shelf life

Lower logistical costs


Our products are flexible and modular

AVF+ Junior

avf+ juniorStart small; plug & play crop research
Test between 6, 12 or 24 different:

  • Crops
  • Light and nutrient recipes
  • Substrates

Available in 15, 30 and 60 m2

AVF+ Compact


Small to medium scale crop production.

  • 10 growing layers,
  • Controllable climate and Led
  • Precise nutrient & water management

Cells in 230, 460, 690 and 920 m2
Multiple cells possible

AVF+ Scaleavf

3 elements system; hardware. data & analytics, services
Modular to design; up to 20+ Cells
From order to production: 6 months
ROI positive; < 5 yrs

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