To Revolutionize Horticulture, we Started at the Core of Growth, the Plant.

At Artechno Growsystems we’ve taken a completely different approach to vertical farming, we started with what the plant needs most and built the perfect growing conditions around it. Combine that with sensible automation, that provides the best bottom line, and you get Perfect Plant Profitability

Perfect Plant Profitability


Give the plant everything it needs to grow strong and healty


Sensible automation options for optimal balance between human and machine


Turn key from seeding to harvesting, integrated by Artechno Growsystems


Expand and scale at any time without stopping the growth process


Return on investment
possible within 5 years of production

Next Level Vertical Farming

For more than 38 years we’ve been on a quest to empower growers and horticulture businesses in their cultivation, from start to finish. Through experience, knowledge and thinking different, we’ve discovered that the best systems are built with a focus on providing what’s best for the plant and empowering the grower to achieve that every day. With this plant centered approach we’ve developed and designed the AVF+ line of vertical farms - revolutionary vertical farming systems that empower horticulture entrepeneurs and innovators in perfectly and profitably growing their plants, from seeding to harvesting.

The AVF+ systems allow for perfectly growing a wide range of plants on a small footprint, worldwide, with minimal labor, 95% less water, high output and most importantly, profitability.


Growing crop perfection takes more than just a rack and a conditioned building, to provide the best for the crops, every step from seeding to harvesting is crucial. AVF+ takes vertical farming to new heights with its climate cell - in which light, climate, water and nutrients form the optimal growing conditions for plants. The combination with sensible automation of farming processes from seeding to harvesting, reduces the workforce to only a fraction what traditional farming needs.

Our Vertical Farms Help You
Grow the Best Plants

How we achieve perfect plant profitability


The climate cell provides the perfect space for achieving a balance in temperature, humidity and CO2. With our unique airflow principle the climate is homogeneously distributed on each layer, always giving crops exactly what they like to grow strong and healthy.


Light is essential for crop growth, but in many open vertical farming systems  most of the light is lost to the environment. The reflective surfaces in the climate cell allow light to bounce around and approach crops from all sides untill it is absorbed, achieving a much higher output with the same input and large savings on energy.  


Dedicated water & nutrient systems carefully mixes nutrients and distributes them towards the plants. With our unique tray in bench design we take the water and nutrients directly to the roots, giving the grower the power to decide the hydroponic watering principle and timing, so plants have exactly what they need when they want it most.


Labor is one of the biggest expenses for vertical farms, but full automation often is to expensive. Based on decades of horticulture automation experience, the AVF+ vertical farms offer automation options that cut labor where the impact is biggest and finds the balance between humans and machines. Automation options that make work easy, are available from seeding to harvesting and everything in between.

Revolutionary Vertical Farming Systems

Wether you are looking to develop plant recipes, do plant research for vertical farming or are looking for scaleable production facility. The AVF+ line of vertical farms offer perfect growing environments with low labor in a size that fits.



Research & development Vertical Farm for development of growing recipes
Available in Junior 15 m2, Junior 30 m2 and Junior Research Facility (modular)
Suited for research of growth, light, irrigation and more

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Entry model Vertical Farm for optimal climate conditions and low labor growing
different sizes from 192 m2 up to 960 m2
Climate cell wit automated growth process inside

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Large scale Vertical Farm, with automated farming process and optimal growing conditions
Modularly scalable from 960 m2 to more than 20.000 m2
Multiple climate cells with automated growth and farming processes

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Harvesting systems for highest quality harvest and reduction of labor
Different options in capacity and automation
Easily integrated or upgraded in exsisting growth processes

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Washing systems for hygienic cleaning of trays & benches, reduces labor dramatically
Different options in capacity and automation
Easily integrated or upgraded in exsisting growth processes

More about tray & bench washing

Our Approach to Vertical Farming


  • Exploration of situation, crops and needs
  • Finding the optimal solution
  • Drafting of vertical farming timeline


  • Drafting of first design
  • First design meetings
  • Sharing of first business case figures
  • Setup of quotation


  • Gathering of detailed crop data
  • Finalizing farm design and configuration
  • Detailed business case figures
  • Negotions and order confirmation

Build & Train

  • Setup of build plan
  • Manufacturing of components
  • Transport to location
  • Build completed between 3 to 12 months
  • Commissioning and start of production


Vertical Farmers in the Spotlight

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