Medium Size Vertical Farm for Perfectly Growing a WideVariety of Plants and Crops

Vertical Farming - AVF+ Compact

Small to medium scale crop production.

AVF+ Compact is a revolutionary vertical farming system suited for the entire process of growing a wide variety of plants and crops - from seeding to harvesting. All with minimal labor and the highest quality results.

  • 10 growing layers,
  • Controllable climate and LED
  • Precise nutrient & water management

Cells in 240, 480, 720 and 960 m2
Multiple cells possible.

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Medium Size Vertical Farm For Growing a Wide Variety of Plants and Crops

Integrated Solution

Supplied with everything  needed for vertical farming and larger scale crop production. Controlled from one application.

Low Labor Expenses

An AVF+ Compact only needs a small amount of personnel for operating a farm. This keeps labor expenses low.


Flexibly Scalable

Whether you’d like to start with a smaller manual farm and expand, or go big on growing surface and
automation, AVF+ Compact
scales to your needs.

Complete Climate

AVF+ Compact uses a climate cell to enable you to create the ideal climate for crops to grow strong, healthy and fast.

The AVF+ Compact is perfect for vertical farmers who want to start with vertical farming or want to upgrade to their first larger scale vertical farm. The ideal circumstances for strong, healthy growth and high yields are created within a climate cell. Around the cell are two stations - seeding and harvesting. These stations are constructed in such a way that they require only minimal labor, whether you choose for more manual or more automatic operation.

Operation of a farm is made easy with the AVF+ Farm Management Software, it lets you control the entire growing process of up to two hectares of growth surface.

Insight into growth and health of crops is important and that’s why the management software is connected to the AVF+ Crop Cloud - a cloud database where all data from the farm is collected and stored. With the Crop Happiness Monitor add-on this data is analyzed and results are shown in the interface.

AVF+ Compact has been designed with a modular setup to enable simple expansion of growth surface. Growth surface starts at 240 m2 and one climate cell can expand to 960 m2.

Climate Cell - The Best a Plant Can Get!


Inside the Compact’s climate cell is where the real growing magic happens. Under bright LED lights, specialized for growing, a sea of crops are growing with hydroponics. Climate variables, light, water and nutrients - the essential ingredients for perfect growth can be adjusted and controlled to hit the perfect growing circumstances for any crop. The cell itself is closed off to the outside world to ensure that the climate stays the way it’s intended and to keep out parasites, viruses, pests and bacteria that can threaten the health of the growing crops AVF+ Compact has the highest level in Bio Security achievable.

Healthy, strong and fast growing crops require an environment in which everything they need is just right, creating that ideal environment requires a balance of climate, light and nutrients. With AVF+ Compact you’ve now got the power to give a plant the best it can get!

Complete, Controllable Climate

Inside the climate cell temperature, relative humidity, air flow and CO2 are all controllable to create the perfect climate conditions for healthy and fast growing crops.

LED Light Done Right

Light recipes (intensity, spectrum and time on/off) are managed for each individual layer, making it possible to have up to 10 different light recipes at one time.

Precision Irrigation & Nutrient Management

A water management unit carefully prepares the nutrient solution by mixing in the right ingredients and adding fresh water. Every layer is served the exact amount needed for the growing crops and of all used water, 99% is recycled.

Vertical Growing - Grow More Than Ever Before


Optimization of floor space is the name of the game in vertical farming and with AVF+ Compact we’ve upped the game to 10 layers inside every climate cell, to get as much growing surface out of every square meter. Each growing layer has the ability to operate and move.

10 Stacked Layers For Growth

Optimize floor space and grow crops on 10 independently operating layers with each three rows of benches.

Grow What You Want

Whether you’d like to grow just one crop variety or more, you are free to decide Every climate cell can grow up to 10 different crop varieties*.

For Those Who Want More

AVF+ Compact comes standard with 240 m2 of growth surface (2583 sq ft) and is also available in 480 m2, 720 m2 and 960 m2** for larger production volumes.


For even bigger farms there’s the possibility to upgrade to an AVF+ Factory later down the line by adding more full size climate cells within the same farm setup.


* Depending on breed family
** 4950, 7425 or 9900 sq ft

What Can You Grow?


The possibilities for crop research are almost endless, there are many crops that will thrive in a vertical farm. We’ve listed the below crops as good starting points and there are even more possibilities. For more crops please contact Artechno Growsystems.

Leafy greens


Micro greens








Crop Happiness Monitor - Insight into optimal growth


Healthy, well growing crops are happy crops and happy crops make happy farmers. To make sure you know that crops are growing the right way, we’ve developed the Crop Happiness Monitor.

The Farmers Eye 2.0

Vision technology combined with cameras spread throughout the climate cell, give direct insight into everything that’s going on inside the farm, at all times.

Optimal, healthy growth curve

Within the AVF+ interface, graphs show the optimal growth curve for crops and compares it to current crops growing inside the farm, giving peace of mind because you know everything is growing according to plan.

Learn and grow even better

Happiness analysis continuously learns and redefines optimal growth, based on thousands of data points that are collected during the growing process. This enables you to grow even better in the future.

The Farming Process

How Does It Work?


Seeds are planted in growing trays by hand or machine


Trays are moved on conveyer tracks and with internal lifts at the front and back side


Everything a crop needs for healthy, fast and strong growth, is inside the climate cell


Matured crops are harvested at the final station, by hand or machine



Farm Management

The AVF+ management software controls all processes in the farm with one easy-to-use interface.

Farm Dashboard

The Farm Dashboard shows an overview of all growth inside the vertical farm and allows you to quickly gather necessary informtion about the crops, climate, light, irrigation and transportation.

Data Collection

All data from the farm is collected so you have access to it when you need it. Inside the software you can always look back at historical data and performance.

Let us tell you more

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  • Learn more about vertical farming
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  • And any other questions

Choose The Right Size & configuration


AVF+ Compact Configurations

  Compact 240 Compact 480 Compact 720 Compact 960
Growth Surface 240m2 480 m2 720 m2 960 m2
Number of layers 10 10 10 10
Number of growth sections 1 2 3 4
Main Purpose Propagation & cultivation of crops and plants
Types of Crops Leafy greens, lettuces, herbs, microgreens, young plants (vegetables, ornamentals, medicinal etc.)
Estimated Annual Production 15,600 kg to 21,600 kg 31,200 kg to 43,200 kg 46,800 kg to 64,800 kg 62,400 kg to 86,400 kg
Management Software Standard, future updates included
LED Lights  
  Static light spectrum Standard equipment, configured to crop needs
  Dynamic light spectrum Additional options for dynamic spectrum and dimming capability
Temperature Control Yes, through Management software
Humidity Control Yes, through Management software
CO2 Control Yes, through Management software
Air Flow Speed Automatic
Irrigation & nutrients  
Irrigation Control

Eb/flood witd adjustable interval

Nutrient Control Yes;
Standard: 1 Recipe
Additional option: Multiple recipes
Internal Climate Cell Transport Automatic infeed and outfeed
Benches & trays Included
Outside Roller Conveyers Additional option
Farming Process Automation  
Seeding Additional option
Germination Additional option
Transplanting Additional option
Harvesting Additional option
Cleaning Additional option

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Large scale Vertical Farm for optimal growing conditions
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