Optimal Water


Low Labor


High Efficiency


Compact Build
1 - 12 m3/h


Optimal Water Quality

Water is one of the essentials ingredients that for strong and healthy growth of crops. Most water eventually contains waterborne organisms that can endanger your crops. By disinfecting you water with UV-C light before irrigation, you achieve optimal water quality and almost completely eliminate the risk of threats spreading among your crops through water.




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“I would recommend "Aqualux" from Artechno Growsystems because the system is eay to install plug & play, low running cost and little maintenance”
Mark van Veldhoven

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“Beautiful and substantial products, they know how to colaborate on projects”
Tom Hollemans
Rijk Zwaan

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“Reliable system with good disinfection results, easy to maintain for the mechanics and end customer”

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The Aqualux family - the right system for any project

Aqualux Professional

Aqualux Professional

For projects with the highest disinfection requirement    

  • Capacities between 6 - 60 m3/h
  • Plug & play installation
  • Disinfection guarantee
Aqualux Slim Fit

Aqualux Slim Fit

For projects with an average disinfection requirement

  • Capacities between 1 - 12 m3/h
  • Plug & play instalation
  • Disinfection guarantee
Aqualux Tethys

Aqualux Tethys

Suited for responsible discharge of drain water into nature

  • Capacities between 0,6 - 1,8 m3/h
  • Certified by Wageningen University
  • Plug & play instalation

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