Artechno now with four UV disinfection devices on the market

Professional | Slim Fit | Tethys | 07-07-2020

Aqualux UV disinfection series expanded

In order to be able to disinfect drain and outlet water from 1 to more than 100 cubic meters, the UV disinfection device Aqualux has been expanded with different variations. There is no longer one, but four types of systems with different capacities, which are now available from the engineering company in De Lier, The Netherlands.

There is a range of UV disinfection devices. “From the market we heard that there was a need for more flexibility in capacity,” says Art van Rijn. “The system has been examined and four types have emerged from it, which have already been delivered to growers domestically and abroad via our dealers.”

From left to right: Aqualux Tethys, Aqualux Professional and Aqualux Slim Fit.

‘More than average size’
One of the new systems, the Aqualux High Transmission (HT), can disinfect more than 100 cubic meters of water per hour through a new type of reactor chamber, while retaining the required degree of disinfection to remove viruses from the water. The Aqualux HT is therefore the 'big boy' in the series of four UV disinfection devices from Artechno design. “You can see that growers are still dealing with viruses, even in their rainwater basin in which bird droppings or other pollution sources, for example, increase the virus pressure. With 100 cubic meters per hour, growers can now disinfect their basin water.”

Aqualux Professional

The Netherlands: tail end of the purchase
The lowest capacity is 3 cubic meters per hour, which growers with a few thousand square meters can use, says Art. "In the Netherlands, I foresee the tail end of the purchase of disinfection devices this year, in order to comply with the zero discharge rules, which is the specialization of the Aqualux Tethys."

New website with special dealer section
The demand for UV disinfection devices is also growing abroad. “Disinfection devices from the Aqualux range have recently also been installed at growers in Russia, Canada and Turkey by our dealers, through whom we sell.”

The four types are called: Aqualux High Transmission, Aqualux Professional, Aqualux Slim Fit and Aqualux Tethys. Growers, and certainly also dealers, for whom a special section with information has been created on the new website, can view, find out and inquire online. "And if a physical visit is desired, you are, of course, welcome", Art concludes.