Dealer Package Launched for Aqualux Systems

Professional | Slim Fit | Tethys | 15-06-2020

Aqualux mappen presentatie klein no logo.jpg

June 2020, De Lier

As part of the commercial initiative to help Aqualux dealers worldwide, Artechno Growsystems launched a new dealer package in June that will assist dealer in helping customers find the best Aqualux for their project.

The goal of the dealer package is to equip dealers with all the tools to have a frictionless sales process and give them the ability to offer a system in one day. The package is equipped with hardcopy sales materials like: brochures, specification sheets, quotation request forms, user & installation manuals and more.

To complete the package a USB is delivered for digital copies of all materials, additional commercial images and logo’s to be used.


For interest in you own dealer package you can contact Artechno through