UV-disinfection already possible from 1 cubic meter per hour

Professional | Slim Fit | Tethys | 18-05-2021


Never too much or too little, that's what UV water disinfection is all about. Including with the new Aqualux Slim Fit with a capacity of 1 cubic meter per hour. With this new UV disinfectant, producer Artechno also makes it possible for growers with a small greenhouse, laboratory or cultivation area to disinfect water properly and efficiently.

The old range of the Aqualux Slim Fit ran from 3m³ / h to 12m³ / h. At the request of customers, the new, lower capacity unit has now been added. “Unique is that the Slim Fit achieves these disinfection capacities all within a standardized frame,” explains technician and co-owner Ruud Jansen. "That means that a custom-made Aqualux can be delivered very quickly at a competitive price."

The UV disinfectant is available for disinfecting drain water, rainwater and other water sources that are directly related to cultivation in horticulture. It does not matter to Aqualux which crop needs to be protected.

With the newly added capacity, Artechno offers the Aqualux for water disinfection from 1 m3 to 120 m3. Larger capacities are also possible on request.