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Artechno offers customization in Watersystems!

Water systems have been part of our product portfolio for 30 years. In those years we’ve successfully designed and built a multitude of systems across the glob, in collaboration with many partners.

We develop and produce according to our own designs and based on specific request by customers and suppliers. Our systems are characterized by a focus on quality, efficiency and effectiveness, with the goal to provide the best solution for the customer’s specific circumstances. Many suppliers have since found their way to us and we’ve enabled them to supply the market with our systems, while keeping the look and feel of their own organization.

Within our portfolio are solutions for:

  • UV disinfection (Aqualux)
  • Water management
  • Irrigation (overhead and bottom)
  • Nutrient dosage
  • High pressure fog
  • Water distribution

The water systems can be delivered as stand-alone systems with our operating software or fully integrated with already established horticultural computers.


Aqualux water disinfection

Aqualux is a water disinfection unit designed with the specific mission to make water recirculation in horticulture as safe and efficient as possible. By combining UV light, filtration and hydrogen peroxide (optional) the unit can guarantee an up to 100.000-fold reduction of pathogens in water. With intelligent flow technology and a self-cleaning function, Aqualux is able to operate fully autonomously and requires little maintenance.

Capacities range from 6 m3/h up to 60 m3/h, we’ll happily assist in finding the right Aqualux for your project

Click here for more detailed information about Aqualux and Water purification

Aqualux benefits

  • Plug & play - directly integrated, immediately start the disinfection process
  • Disinfection guarantee - Guarantees the right water disinfection
  • Low cost - Self-cleaning and relatively little maintenance, lowers usage cost
  • High efficiency - Aqualux operates autonomously and can be controlled remotely, enabling you to focus on important matters
  • High capacity - Units available ranging from 6 m3/h up to 60 m3/h for small and large projects

Water management unit

Water Management Unit

The water management unit is an all-in one solution specialized in controlling, creating and maintaining optimal water conditions inside deep water culture systems. It is tasked with mixing & dosing nutrients, regulating water distribution and maintaining water quality. Equipped with intelligent software and sensors for EC, pH, oxygen, water level and water temperature, the system has everything it needs to create the desired water conditions needed for maximum production.

Water management unit benefits:

  • All water management in one - 1 system for controlling, conditioning, regulating water
  • Flexible - precisely create the conditions for optimal growth
  • Seamless integration - Operates as a Stand-alone unit or integrated with other horticulture computers
  • Complete control - Independently controls water in multiple ponds



Since 1988 suppliers and customers have come to us for different types of pump sets with a multitude of applications. Our pump sets are characterized by their large range of available capacities (starting at 1 m3/h up to 300 m3/h) and the possibility to integrate nutrient and supplement dosing. If you have a specific wish or application, we’d love to get in touch with you and work together on finding the best solution.

In our product scope you’ll find 4 different types of units:

  • Eb/flood unit
  • Substrate unit (Mixing tank, injection, venturi)
  • Hydrofor (Hand water tap)
  • Top raining unit

Fog system

High pressure fogging systems can be employed to influence relative humidity and temperature inside greenhouses. When correctly implemented it keeps crops happy and growing well, leading to higher production output. We’ve combined our experience in greenhouse technology with our knowledge of different cultivation techniques to create a system that delivers a high quality fog, while being user friendly and energy efficient. The use of high quality materials ensures that the system can run maintenance free for up to 8.000 hours.

Fog system benefits

  • Climate control - Influence relative humidity and temperature anywhere the system is installed
  • Minimal maintenance - The system has been engineered to last, lowering overall expenses for maintenance and servicing
  • Energy efficient - Saves on costs for utilities